Life After Graduation: Your Guide to Success by Terry J Arndt

Life After Graduation: Your Guide to Success

Book Title: Life After Graduation: Your Guide to Success

Publisher: Life After Graduation, LLC

ISBN: 0984833234

Author: Terry J Arndt

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Terry J Arndt with Life After Graduation: Your Guide to Success

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Life After Graduation is the essential guide to life after college. With step-by-step advice, clear explanations, and answers to your most common questions, this book prepares you for the opportunities and challenges you’ll encounter as a recent graduate. It covers all of the issues you need to know about, provides the most current definitions and examples, and points you to great resources to go to for more information. You’re on your way to a successful career and a strong financial future, even if right now you feel mired in debt and unsure of your professional path. This book guides you through the transition by showing you how to: Manage your debt, including student loans Maximize your income Take control of your finances Build and maintain good credit – and recover your credit, if necessary Find free career advice Connect with your boss and coworkers Create positive first impressions Make sure you’re adequately insured Take advantage of alumni benefits and be an active alumnus Start investing now Life After Graduation is designed to answer all the questions you have about the transition from college to the “real world” – and some you never thought to ask! You worked hard to earn your degree; now, turn to Life After Graduation to help you achieve career and financial success.